How to improve your Business with 10 Free Simple Tips



‘Time is our MOST VALUABLE asset’


So when we have to give up a full-day for what they claim is ‘The Best One-Day Business Workshop’, knowing they will try to up-sell, you really hope it will be good.

Luckily, it was! Which led me to sharing the key takeaways with you as they can help you and your business too.


What attracted me to this Workshop and if any of the below resonates with you, keep reading…


Dale Beaumont of Business Blueprint shared ’52 ways to improve your business’ in the areas of Technology, Marketing, Systems, Outsourcing, Websites, Social Media, Sales and Strategy.

I did some further research into the tips and tools Dale shared with us and found various tutorials to get you started. I also collected the ‘Coolest Tools’ in terms of the latest and greatest in technology hacks. I started using them and they are awesome!

Here is my summary of the 10 key ways to improve your business.


1. Have a Crystal-Clear VISION


Without a clear VISION of ‘what you actually want’ you won’t know where you are going or how to get there. You won’t know whether you are on-track or whether you are actually doing what is best for your business to reach your goals.

  • Ask yourself this question: “What does success look like for you?”


TIP: Create a 5-Year-Plan and determine the BIG IDEA for you and your business.

Working with High Performance Mentors Paddy and Fiona of TEWAY I have seen how this can made the difference between $33k turnover and $118k turnover.


2. Know your IDEAL CLIENT


“The clearer the TARGET, the easier it is to MARKET”


Who are you trying to reach? What is important to them? Where can you find them? On what Social Media are they?

To find out more about your Ideal Client we recommend creating a so-called Buyer Persona Profile.

Two great examples of blogs to get you started:


3. Find your top 5 LEAD GENERATION Strategies

How are you currently bringing in leads? Without enough opportunities to sell, it makes it extremely hard to increase your profit.

Dale’s Favourite Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies:

  1. Facebook Advertising Campaigns (We can help with that!)
  2. Media exposure (Generate free publicity for your business)
  3. Partnership Marketing (Same target market, different product/service. Example: McDonalds & Disneyland – both targeting families, completely different product-offer)
  4. Email Marketing
  5. YouTube Advertising

He says: “Have at least 5 ways to generate leads/marketing. Be careful if more than 30% of your leads come from 1 lead generator, things can happen – you need to be prepared and de-risk with various lead generators.”


4. Build a great Marketing Funnel with appealing Lead Magnets


Do you have appealing lead magnets to attract your Ideal Client into an (automated) Marketing Funnel?

What is it that they want most and are willing to exchange their contact details for? A Cheat Sheet, an eBook, a free Webinar, an invitation to a free event? Once you are clear on your Lead Magnet, you want to capture your leads into a Marketing Funnel which is optimised to convert.

After all, having MANY LEADS but NO SALES are still not helping you improve your business!


Cool Tool – Beacon

  • Beacon is a free tool to create an eBook as a Lead Magnet.

Cool Tool – ONTRApages

  • ONTRApages is a free tool to create a basic Landing Page.

“Create your own landing page in minutes with ONTRApages.”



5. Ask yourself: “Will I ever do this task again?”


If the answer is YES – Build a System/Process! Imagine you have the option to sell your business in the future, you would already have your ‘manual’ ready-to-go with it. When you buy a new electronic device, do you want it to come WITH or WITHOUT a manual?

Also, it makes it easier to work with a team – either within your company or when outsourcing.

Cool Tool – Google Sites

  • Free easy and modern Intranet Platform to start creating, storing and sharing your Systems & Processes with your (future) team. It is also password-protected if you want to give team members access to limited folders.

(YouTube Tutorial – 1:23min) The New Google Sites

“Google Sites is a structured wiki- and Web Page-creation tool. The goal of Google Sites is for anyone to be able to create a team-oriented site where multiple people can collaborate and share files.”


6. Outsource and work with Experts


“50% of what you are doing now, you SHOULDN’T BE DOING. Focus on what will actually grow your business.”


I named my company ‘Expertise on Demand‘ as I collaborate with Experts in their fields and provide clients with custom-fit solutions ‘on demand’ – based on the individual needs of (small) Business Owners.

Instead of paying >$60k for a full-time salary for  1 employee with a limited skill set, you have access to a variety of Experts on a project base.


  • Ask yourself this question: “What tasks should not be on your plate at all?”

Instead of ‘trying to do it all myself’, I learned quickly to let everyone do what they are best at so you get better results in a shorter time-frame.

Another option is investing in education to up-skill yourself, if you are willing to learn and DO THE WORK.  I invested nearly $30k in Authentic Education in the past 12-months and I am very happy with the Private Mentoring I received from Benjamin J. Harvey and Cham Tang.


7. Optimise your WEBSITE

Is your website ‘Telling’ or ‘Selling’. Does the content resonate with your Ideal Client and have you optimised your website for SEO ranking in Google? Is your website optimised to capture leads? Do you have opt-in forms?

Websites can do so much more for you than just ‘tell what you do/offer’. Isn’t it pretty much everyone’s dream to “Make money while you sleep” – your website can make this happen for you!

Cool Tool – HotJar

  • HotJar is one of the coolest tools to find out what people do on your website projected as a Heat-Map. Grab some popcorn and watch what is happening on your website (and what you should improve!).

(YouTube Tutorial – 8:39min) Why you should be using HotJar Analytics


8. Use more SOCIAL PROOF


“92% of Consumers trust Peer Recommendations over Advertising.”

When people Google your name, what do they find? Do you have a decent LinkedIN profile? Does your website show an overview of current/past clients, including their logos and testimonials?

Don’t forget about the power of video! Have you asked your clients to do a quick testimonial video on you? Remember that YouTube is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine and what is said in the videos is also monitored via Google’s Bots as input for your SEO ranking.

To give you an idea how simple it is, have a look at one I did for Authentic Education.


Cool Tool – About.Me

  • is a free page you can create with information about you that will assist your SEO ranking in Google.

See my example:


9. Find an ACCOUNTABILITY buddy


“If you think the cost of education is expensive, you haven’t considered the cost of ignorance”


Dale recommends to stick to 90-day Action Plans and to find someone to keep you accountable to achieve the goals you set. It is true that the majority of business owners struggle to keep on track, which leads to procrastination or simply not doing what you should be doing to improve your business.

I recognise the massive impact my Coaches and Mentors have on me. I went through the Coaching Certification Training to become an Accredited Coach myself. Not only to learn how to better coach myself, but also to help others accelerate their results and break through blockages and barriers.

I highly recommend you to invest in a knowledgeable accountability buddy. Chose someone who resonates with you and your BIG IDEA for the future. Where are you heading and how can they assist you in getting there?


10. Know your NUMBERS


“In the end, the only true measurement of success is the $$ profit your business is making.”

One of the key mistakes I made when I started in the industry was that I did not properly keep track of how my Social Media efforts contributed to the Sales conversions of the companies I worked for.

Now I know that ROI is the only thing that really matters so I am on top of every number you can imagine! The greatest thing is that online allows you to track everything (and often for free). Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel are essential to determine if your website is converting and if you are not wasting $$ in your Facebook Ads campaigns.


Cool Tool – Google Tag Manager

  • A free tool to prevent confusion (inaccurate tracking) between tracking codes like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that makes it easy for marketers to add and update website tags — including conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more—with just a few clicks, and without needing to edit your website code.”

(YouTube Tutorial – 3:38min) Introduction to Google Tag Manager





I hope this blog gave you some ideas on how you can improve your business with these free tools or simply by sitting down, creating a 5 year plan with a clear vision and asking a friend to be your Accountability Buddy.


Now what?

If you are not really sure what to do with some of the things that we are good at #experts – feel free to use our 15-min Strategy Discovery Call to ask us any questions you may have. Don’t worry, no obligations – I am happy to help.

Not getting enough leads with your current Marketing Funnel? Not sure what Lead Magnets are appealing to your Ideal Clients or how to get them to your website? Or are you keen to start with Facebook Ads but you want to make sure you get it right so you don’t waste your marketing $$ on an Ad that isn’t converting?


We are happy to book in a 15-min Strategy Discovery Call to chat about how the above suggestions can impact your business and what options you have.