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Online & Digital Review

How happy are you with how you and your brand are showing up online? Do all your communication channels align in terms of consistency both online and offline? We start with a Status Quo Measurement to see how we can optimise you and your brand Online.

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Facebook Ads Kick-Start

Pay-To-Play is the name of the Facebook game if you want to reach more than 3% on the #1 Paid Advertising Platform. Why? >>>”If you are not where your potential customers are, your competitors will be…” We set up the entire campaign for you including all (automated) funnels. Work with Experts so you don’t waste your money on Boosting!

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Social Media Strategy

Time is our most valuable asset and unfortunately heaps of that goes to posting/browsing on Social Media – especially if you do it wrong…We set you up with a 12-month Strategic Social Media Plan in which we assist you with optimising/creating your Social Media channels, brainstorming your content and automating your postings. 80% is preparation and the other 20% you can easily outsource. #savetime

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Coaching & Workshops

We often give Facebook Ads & Digital Marketing Workshops. Marketing/Sales is something you want to get better at, not completely outsource. We are skilled at both and are happy to personally coach you and/or organise Trainings & Workshops for you and your team. We customise the content applicable to your upskilling needs and ensure to present the latest & greatest in the industry in an engaging way. Learn more in 2,5hrs than in a 6 week course!

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want." ~Zig Ziglar

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As previous Social Media Manager of BMW Group, we learned from the best and have been working in the Online Brand Optimising space since 2009. Especially in (Digital) Marketing we excel at finding creative solutions to any challenge you may have. Suitable for both individuals and businesses, adjustable to your time-frame and budget. Our moto is to let everyone do what they are best at. That way people enjoy their work and we all thrive as we are in our genius zones. What are you best at? What are the things currently on your plate that you simply don’t enjoy, aren’t good at and you wished weren't there? We are honest and upfront and if we cannot personally help you best, we are happy to refer you to our extensive network as there is always an Expert available to take your headache away from you. Below a few of the businesses we worked with and for over the last few years.

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